from standard shelf plan to private label

Besides our successful standard shelf plans, Deltafix caters for bespoke concepts. Together with you Deltafix assesses which concept best suits your needs and your company. You can count on our years of experience and benefit from our great purchasing power. Do you like something completely out-of-the-box? Deltafix is at your service.

Do you want to launch your own brand into the market without having to invest for many years? Deltafix specialises in private labels. We can provide all our products with your corporate identity. The starting point for private labels and customised concepts are our basic concepts:

Upon request of our customers Deltafix added wood connectors to its product range. From latches, hinges to fence post anchors…you will find everything in our catalogue.

The blisters are made of high quality material and have hinged lids with snap closure. The transparent and durable blisters are presented in an extensive shelving plan. The various colours on the blisters and on the shelves indicate the product types. Your customer instantly finds what he is looking for.

Each blister bears one of the four price tags. The legend on the shelving shows the exact pricing. At different levels in the product wall your customer will find product information. Underneath are tubs with larger quantities of fasterners.

Deltafix blisters and tubs are not only beautiful but also very durable. Which will be appreciated by your customers.

Deltafix has a wide range of non-pre-packaged fasteners, like screws, nuts bolts, nails and washers. The items are presented in transparent tilting boxes. A clear colour coding makes it easy for your customer to quickly and find the item he is looking for.

All items can be tagged with a barcode, without pricing information. The range is completed with various sized allthread studs in vertical cilinders.

The name ‘goldtop’ refers to the gold-coloured lubricant film on the tip of the screws. This carefully applied film makes it easier to use the screws in for example hardwood. In addition these state of the are fasteners are firmly fixed during asembly because of their so called ‘nibs’, notches under the head of the screw. A special winding with notches makes tightening the screw much easier

The goldtop screws come in a folding blister or PET-presentation jar with lid. If the screws have a Torx head, a suitable bit for mounting in a cordless drill will be provided. A selection of plactic caps ensure a perfect finish.

Keep bugs, flies and other unwanted guests out with the Deltafix fly screen mesh. The Deltafix fly screen mesh stands out because of its quality and competitive pricing.
The Deltafix anchor concept offerts a complete range under the ‘Technifix’ brand. In this concept you will find high quality nylon plugs. But also universal plugs, nail plugs, frame anchors, hollow wall anchors and more. The distinctive colour coding makes it easy to find the right anchor for the job.

Self adhesive tapes have always been at the core of Deltafix. As a subsidiary of the American company Avery Deltafix started selling self adhesive tape decades ago. Today Deltafix still specialises in tapes. But the Deltafix product range expanded with self adhesive products for protection such as self adhesive floor protection pads,  furniture glides and shock absorbers.

For every use Deltafix provides a suitable tape. For instance tape to (temporarily) mount things or to repair things, such as tent cloth. Masking tape that painters use on all sorts surfaces. Or duct tape that protects against UV radiation, moisture, alkali, acids or corrosion.

Special tapes

One of the special tapes of Deltafix is our vulcanizing tape. During  the vulcanizing process the rubber melts to a water resistant seal. Deltafix has tapes for us indoor and outdoor. A particular useful tape to temporarily and easily mount and unmount items is  self-engaging mushroom fastening tape. This tape is much stronger than the traditional velcro tape.

Our tapes are available in different qualities but they all  have a favourable price/quality ratio. All tapes are suitable for do-it-yourselfers but are also popular amongst the professionals.

Felt & fast glides

In this concept belong felt and fast glides to easily move furniture and protect flooring. Our self adhesive felt is specifically suitable for hard floors, e.g. wood, laminate or stone. Our felt is available in different colours and sizes, including A4 size. Almost all self adhesive felt rounds have a version with either a nail or a screw.

Private label

For sufficient quantities Deltafix is able to produce private labels. For example the packaging of allround repair tape can be branded as you wish. This way you can have your own branded tape without massive investment.

Are your customers battling draught, cold or noise nuisance in their home? You can provide them with the draught excluder concept of Deltafix. This concept provides draught excluders made out of plastic or metal. These draught excluders profiles ensure windows and doors close and keep the draught or cold out.  The excluders are available in several colours, materials and profiles. Deltafix also offers brushes and flaps for mailboxes.

This concept is inextricably linked to Deltafix . You can offer your customers various kinds of rope, as balls of string, on a spool or per meter . Our steel wire, sisal, cotton, nylon are available in different colours and braids . The chains are made of galvanized steel, stainless steel, brass or plastic. And available in many different kinds of links .

In this concept the rope and chain accessories should not be missing. Therefore we can also provide you with for example snap hooks, shackles, turnbuckles, wire rope clips and pulleys. The presentation of this rope and chain concept is efficient and space saving.

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